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Go Healthy GO Vir Defence

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GO Vir-Defence is a natural herbal formula containing olive leaf extract, garlic extract, echinacea and Pau D'Arco, along with Vitamin C as a antioxidant and immunity booster. It is designed to support recovery from winter ills and chills, as it supports a strong immune system and the body's defences to deal with winter threats.

Size: 30 Capsules


  • Cold or flu
  • Susceptible to colds and flus
  • Feeling run down
  • Prophylactic treatment for the winter months

Product Benefits:

  • Supports the immune system and the body’s defences
  • Includes high dose Olive Leaf extract and low odour Garlic
  • Immune supporting ingredients
  • VegeCap Advantage

Each VegeCapsule contains:
Olive Leaf                                 5,000mg
Garlic Low Odour                      1,200mg
Andrographis                            1,200mg
Echinacea                                  500mg
Pau D’Arco                                 250mg
Citrus Bioflavonoids                       20mg
Zinc Citrate                                   16mg
Elderberry                                   220mg
Vitamin C                                    200mg

VegeCap Advantage: The VegeCaps used are made from Non GMO vegetable cellulose and are 100% free from animal products such as gelatine. They are easily digested once swallowed and are suitable for all people including vegetarians and vegans.

Wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, milk, artificial flavours and preservatives free.

Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily
A maximum of 2 VegeCaps can be taken daily during an acute onset or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.

Always read the label and only use only as directed.

Seek medical advice if you:

  • are taking prescription medication
  • are pregnant or lactating
  • are having surgery, discontinue use two weeks prior

If side effects develop or you have an allergic reaction, stop and see your doctor or pharmacist immediately or contact Go Healthy NZ, 0508 466 9327