About Gate Pa Health Store

We pride ourselves on knowledge, professionalism and a friendly environment. We love listening to our customers and trying our best to answer their needs with a smile. Our number one priority in store is to ensure our customers walk away happy, because at the end of the day, we have a direct impact on how they feel. Our team has a wide range of knowledge in the health and pharmaceutical industry and if you haven't been in store already, then we look forward to meeting you!

"These guys are awesome! My daughter and I really enjoyed our experience in store at Gate Pa Complete Health Shop" 

- Hilary Saxton 


Want to know more about the owner, Kara McDonald?

We are a local community health shop that has been operating in the Bay of Plenty  since Jan 2015.

Kara has been working in the Natural health industry for over 20 years. 

For the last 5 years, Kara has worked alongside clients, who have been on their personal journey to improve their health and well-being, whether it be from an illness, or the demands of a hectic lifestyle.

Kara's philosophy for a happy life is simple, if you are happy then you are well. If you wake up each morning and feel energized and excited for the day then you are healthy.

On a personal note, a few years ago Kara experienced a serious illness, and the journey back to good health.

Kara was terrified, and obediently followed all the protocols that conventional medicine asked me to do. I lived, but had no quality of life and was always tired. I had pain and constant digestive issues, All symptoms were considered acceptable side effects from my prescribed medication...not surprisingly I never felt 100% well and was unhappy.

Now it may sound like a cliche, but asking for help was the beginning of Kara's return to health. It was not taking a load of supplements or being hooked up to a machine. It started with telling my story and being treated with genuine compassion and respect .

This is where we start. We have an experienced team who listens first.