Go Healthy Go Cold Sor Support

Go Healthy Go Cold Sor Support

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Lysine combined with olive leaf to provide enhanced cold sore aid!

GO Healthy Go Cold Sore Support with Lysine & Olive Leaf promotes faster and more efficient wound recovery of lip cuts and mouth sores. It integrates the nourishing properties of lysine, enhanced by herbal effects of olive leaves, to promote ideal oral health. Support your sores with an efficient healing process.

  • High bioavailability
  • Maximum potency
  • With VegiCap benefits

Size: 30 Capsules

Element of Health: Lysine

An essential amino acid, lysine is found in cereal proteins. It is very important for growth and development since lysine deficiency can cause growth failure. Lysine aids in the conversion of its own epsilon carbon to carbon dioxide, forming glutamic acid in the process. Glutamic acid is a constituent of folic acid needed for proper brain development.
In other research studies, lysine encourages a faster yet able healing of cuts and bruises found in the oral cavity. It is then suitable for providing a healing aid for cold sores and the like.

Why supplement with GO Healthy Go Cold Sore Support with Lysine & Olive Leaf

  • Promotes good lip health
  • Helps speed up wound recovery
  • Ideal for mouth and cold sores